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Karagre Vasate Laxmi, Karamadhye Saraswati

Karamule tu Govinda, Prabhate Karadarshanam

The morning hours are the most significant hours in determining how consciously we live the rest of the day. Just like it is said, a good start is already half done project. Wether we want to be successful materially, in the word out there or we want to be successful handling our own life and diving deeper into our consciousness, it is important to have a very good start. An effort of becoming aware of the greatest consciousness, that pure consciousness makes our mind, thought process and our action aligned with the greater force within us that is always trying to drive our life with love, light and peace.

In the initial stage, it is a personal effort. We have to uncover layers of ignorance and indifference to reach that joyful state in the morning, free of all the mundane human emotions and thoughts. But when done regularly, we can program our body, mind and even the cells to accept this new way of starting the morning. It becomes secondary nature after a while. Not being happy in the morning, uniting oneself with that greater energies and forces of the universe, the literal experience of heart opening to something, it becoming lighter will become strange.

For any spiritual or for that matter any form of progress to make, the best is when it comes from within. That desire, that fire that wants to transgress the normal human tendencies born from out mind and know more and unite with that primordial web, that consciousness should be kept alive, it needs to be nurtured. It is there in each of us, in each being, in each cell but our life is only revolved around the edge, the superficial, existential aspect of consciousness.

If we want to live life in a way that we desire to, an aware life, with conscious action, then we must take some uncomfortable action. Regular impulse from ourself gives that inner fire a chance to take charge of our life. About an year back, my life was generally lead by the superficial conciousness, and I was okay about it. But I was pushing myself, desiring and aspiring to live a different life, and I was putting that into practice time and again. It wasn’t easy, I ended losing steam after a couple of days or couple of week. But it wasn’t bad at all. That intermittent urge grew stronger and stronger, and today I can’t think of living a life differently. There is something in me that trusts in the consciousness present in the cells, I have no second choice of living a life that is solely based on material instincts. I want to be in the natural state as much as possible, I want to observe my thoughts, I want to meditate and know more about my own existence and the existence of the whole world.

I am fascinated by the idea of supreme godheads, and just their imagery opens my heart. It opens the door to boundless space where I am freely moving, floating at my own will. I feel like I am exploring talking and connecting to the the planets, the starts, the air, the ether and all the animate and inanimate beings.

For humans to progress, and live a purposeful, peaceful life, one should have some conviction of the kind of life he/she wants to live. I might want to say here that if we do not have faith in that consciousness, the creator behind the creation, one who is above and beyond what is appears, that which unites every being ; then it becomes difficult to aspire for it. Aspiration comes with conviction. If we truly feel that the love, peace, and happiness that we experience is the tip of the iceberg and the totality is within our reach, then the yogic practice begins.

Yogic drive happens to every human being at one point in their life, because all the notions of our life, wealth, love etc perishes. The eventual fate of our life has to meet the profound reality of our creation. But how do we balance our physical, mental and energy life with this eventual fate. Do we have to give up everything?

The idea of giving up is traditional, what we need to do is expand ourselves. Dissolve our boundaries, widen our perception. This widening process can only happen if our faculties unlearn, if they are not bound by decades of amassed memory and knowledge. The widening happens through transformation of our objective from ego-centric view to uniting with consciousness view. You are not giving up anything, if you are giving up anything it is the distance, it is the ignorance, the separation that we have created between us and the true self.

The above mantra has become my morning mantra. It is the way you see your life, it becomes a reminder of the purpose of my life. Instead of scattering a stilled awareness, we can direct that awareness directly on something profound, the energies and align our life with those energies. When you open your eyes, and if you have build enough thirst in you, you will not reach your smartphone and start to scroll.

But instead observe your hands and visualise what you want these instruments to accomplish that day. Hands are probably the first organs that we move when we wake up in the morning, and that which sets us into motion. These organs that trigger our daily life as a concentrated fragment/continuum of consciousness can be observed as the centre/focal point/ of wealth, knowledge and energy.

Observing them in your hands at the tip of your palm, the middle and at the base respectively signifies that you have the charge of these energies to work for you. These are with you, and what you need is align your life with these energies to manifest what you want. What is more beautiful than starting a day by uniting yourself with the wealth, knowledge and the energy consciousness.

Written by veda

Mis à jour le 31/01/2024 | Publié le 20/06/2021

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