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Web IDEC Open Space

Please, read the following information before creating your activity!

You want to touch the world?

You will find all the details
to inform the world :
on this page and along the forms

Event affects time zones extending from UTC-8 to UTC+11 - Greenwich Mean Time = UTC 0

England changes time on the night of the 25th to the 26th.
France and some other European countries, Canada and the USA change times on the night of October 31 to November 1.

The event will be held in two languages: French and English!

We have developed a treasure trove of instructions and explanations to make it as explicit and clear as possible for each of you despite all the constraints!

So that all the visitors of the world
can be informed of your activity,
take the time to give them
ALL the details!

Structure of the Space

In a wiki space, normally, everybody in the world can change the page, like on wikipedia.

In this particular context, all you have to do is identify yourself BEFORE creating your activity - with your First Name+Last Name, attached with Capital letters as here - so that your file is protected and nobody can modify it.

If you have not done so before, it is always possible to secure your file.
1. go to 'Search Activities'
2. Find your Data Record
3. Click on it
4. Click on 'Modify'
5. Below at the bottom, go to 'No owner - Claim'

Ethics, Responsibility and Solidarity

We invite you :
- to choose YOUR most relevant proposal and to do your best to get as many people as possible.
- to offer the summit of your skills and knowledge... rather than a fair of diverse and similar proposals.
This autonomous programming space is at the service of all in a spirit of sharing and solidarity. It is not intended to promote products or services that serve a business.
Any proposal to this effect will be deleted.

Activity registration forms

INDICATE one age only and only one date. If you want to repeat an activity, you must save a new record.

Mini-Talk - Talk
30 to 6O minutes
Mini Interview - Interview
20 to 4O minutes

In order for us all to speak the same language, here, a course requires at least 2 sessions over the event.
Seminar - Workshop
Seminar is a one session course or training. Workshop is mainly an activity that requires the active participation of the listeners, such as dance, qi qong or concentration or internalization work, etc.

Show - Spectacle - Concert
We invite you to offer performances lasting from 20 minutes to an hour and then to plan a time for exchanges with the listeners-spectators. That's why there are 2 links in the forms: 1 for the performance itself to offer on Video Live, Youtube Live or Facebook Live... and one for the sharing time afterwards.
Don't choose Zoom or the other solutions of visio-meetings: the sound quality is set for the voice, so to speak... or even to sing a capella... but not for the instruments: the sound is horrible!

Game - Jeu
Everything is possible! All your creativity is welcome !

Guided Visite
Show the world your school... your project... your team... your action, etc.

Sharing is a meeting open to everyone, as if you were holding a meeting in a park or a public square.
Discussions are meetings with a small group of participants. It's a bit like inviting a few people into your home...
Limited number of participants has to be indicated at the bottom of the form.
Round Table
A round table is a meeting where 3 to 8 people share their visions and points of view around a theme and answer questions from the audience.

Necessity of a meeting driver
for all meetings where several people take the floor in order to manage the microphones, videos, questions and speeches of the participants and to guarantee a good sound and a good bandwidth, therefore a good technical quality of the meeting

Movie - Film
For your safety and ours, please share movies free of rights or with the permission of the publisher.

Other - Autre
In case your activity does not correspond to any of the listed types

INDICATE the following items :

1. Name of intervener (in heading 4)
For example:

Ramchandra Das

2. Organization - City - Country (in bold)
For example:
SAYM - Katmandou - Népal

3. Type of activity, language used and public concerned (in bold and italics)
Example 1:
Bilingual workshop for over 15 year olds
Example 2:
Courses in French for pregnant women
Example 3:
Show for young audiences (5 - 8 years old) accessible in all languages.

4. Detailed presentation of the activity

Time Zones

We have created a file that allows you to know the local time instantly. We hope that at least one of these versions will work on your computer.
Time Differences
From 23rd to 25th October
Los Angeles = UTC-7 / New York = UTC-4 / Londres = UTC+1 / Paris=UTC+2 / Delhi = UTC+5.30 / Sydney = UTC+11
When it is noon in Paris, it is 3:00 in LA, 6:00 in New York, 11:00 in London: 15:30 in Delhi and 21:00 in Sydney.
When it is noon in New York, it is 9:00 in LA, 17:00 in London, 18:00 in Paris, 21:30 in Delhi and 3:00 the next day in Sydney.

From 26th to 31st October
Los Angeles = UTC-7 / New York = UTC-4 / Londres = UTC+0 / Paris=UTC+2 / Delhi = UTC+5.30 / Sydney = UTC+11
When it is noon in Paris, it is 3:00 in LA, 6:00 in New York, 10:00 in London: 15:30 in Delhi and 21:00 in Sydney.
When it's noon in New York, it's 9:00 in LA, 4:00 in London, 6:00 in Paris, 9:30 in Delhi and 3:00 the next day in Sydney.

From 1st to 8th November
Los Angeles = UTC-8 / New York = UTC-5 / Londres = UTC+0 / Paris=UTC+1 / Delhi = UTC+5.30 / Sydney = UTC+11
When it's noon in Paris, it's 3:00 in LA, 6:00 in New York, 11:00 in London: 4:30 in Delhi and 10:00 in Sydney.
When it is noon in New York, it is 9:00 in LA, 17:00 in London, 18:00 in Paris, 22:30 in Delhi and 4:00 the next day in Sydney.

Modify your File

After saving your file and re-reading it, you realize that you made a mistake... or that you want to change a word... etc.
1. Do not create another record: you would overload the calendar which would display your first obsolete record.
2. Go back in your browser to display your record in edit mode.
3. Add "/edit" to the url displayed in the address bar
4. Go to the calendar on the day of your activity, find the file, and click on "Modifier".