Welcome to the family of Integral Living. Here you can find resources related to Meditation for your Children and for yourself. To live a joyful life in this 21st century is a challenge, and we can use this challenge as an opportunity to dive within ourselves. It starts with an inner journey that involves self-education, practices and conscious living. We invite you to this wonderful journey of fulfilment and happiness.

“Children must be left to have their own experience because it is through experience that they
learn things best. ” – Sri Aurobindo.

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About Integral Living

According to the Vedic tradition, human life is made up of five dimensions, Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic, and Spiritual.

Integral Living is a yogic way of living. It is about shifting our mindset, lifestyles, and energies towards a harmonious manifestation in our life. Integral living is about discovering those faculties and reflecting those virtues in our surrounding. Raising children in such an environment will naturally incline them to live a much more conscious, profound, and purposeful happy life.


Meditation is a process of opening limitless possibilities and endless joy that we can realize in this body and mind. Let us help children by teaching them how and why to meditate.


There are many ways to approach self-discovery and meditation. Here are some teachings of realised souls and people who had those experience.

Integral Living

 To live a meditative and yogic life, one has to foster a way of life that supports and enhances conscious living. How can we do everything we do at the fullest?

Let’s find out how we can live an Integral Life.

Integral Living

Meditation Resources 

Meditative life goes beyond sitting for meditation for 20 minutes or a couple of hours everyday. If we want to discover more profound meditative experience and infuse those experiences in our other activities, we need to re-orient our practices and lifestyle that are in coherence to what we want.


Read, Memorise, and repeat these simple and powerful Mantras (Affirmation) from Vedas, Upanishads and other ancient scriptures.  


There are many Meditation practice that one can include in their everyday life. Be it in your office, home, travel, or anywhere; learn to be meditative. 


Stories are great way of nurturing our faith, intuition, and imagination. These meditative stories will encourage and push you towards your inner journey. 

Integral living

Development of different domains in Children


Mind is an essential tool that creates sense of individuality. We build relationships with the rest of the world and perceive it with our mind. According to the yogic tradition our mind has different hierarchical levels. Our perception of the world depends on the level at which Mind  functions.


Body is the physical illustration of consciousness. We have a beautiful body, and each cell of our body has its own mind and consciousness. Meditation has the power of transforming our body, its constituents, and its functioning.


We dabble a lot about Consciousness. According to the Vedas the sum total of our being is consciousness. The reality that we perceive depends on “how much consciousness is accessible to us”. Meditation expands field of your consciousness.

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Read, Meditate, & Discuss

We can choose to make Meditation an integral part of our life. Introduction to Meditation to the children from early age can empower them to take charge of their lives as they want. They can make use of their body, mind, and awareness to do wonders in this world. Meditation, apart from bringing spiritual abundance, develop intellectual ability in children and adults, develops the acumen to make best and timely decisions in work life, and overall makes you capable of living a life in your own terms.

Subconscious Mind- A gateway to Superconsciousness

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For those who have been acquainted with the yogic way of life, the mention of supreme will or divine will is not new. In Bhagawat Gita, Krishna postulates Arjuna about the ideal nature of work. Lord Krishna says that the supreme quality of work occurs when an...

Integral Living

About Me

I am Veda. I grew up in SAYM Ashram(monastic community). Since 2014 I have been working as the school director. I am also a conference organiser, alternative education advocate, and sustainable community observer.

I studied Mathematics and Physics but find nothing to be uninteresting.  I learnt something that I didn’t learn in the university by working with children from various different parts of Nepal since my early 20’s.

Here we will explore how we can live a dynamic, peaceful, productive, service oriented integral life.